Matt Holubowski | Friday, September 13, 2024 7:00 PM | Folk | Boisé Coors Light | Campus Université Laval | Fono

Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski

September 13, 2024
7:00 PM
Boisé Coors Light
Boisé Coors Light.
Matt Holubowski.

Great traveler and lover of the world and its cultures, this son of a Polish father and a Quebecois mother discovered folk music through Elliot Smith's song "Twilight" in 2008. Making his way to the finals of La Voix on Pierre Lapointe's team, Matt Holubowski captivated both music lovers and the industry alike.

"This fourth album, 'Like Flowers on a Molten Lawn,' is the result of a renewed love and energy. For life and music. I saw two springs pass by and each time everything died, it quietly but surely came back again. It gave hope. This is the spirit in which I present this album and this show. It’s the result of two years of tinkering and rebirth. It shakes, it rocks, it lives, and it evolves. I can’t wait to experience it with you." - Matt



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Matt Holubowski